Products and Services  
Our Technical Support Team has working experience with all major brands of PLC and Controllers and we are able to program and design systems to comply with customers specifications. We are an integrated service organization, working with you to solve your Automation requirements and we are able to assist you in the following :
            :: Plant Maintenance / Development  
            :: Equipment Supply and Installation  
            :: Troubleshooting and Breakdown Repairs  
            :: Onsite Testing and Commissioning  
            :: Upgrading and Refurbishing of Machines  
            :: System Integration and Solution  
The projects services that we provide include :  
            :: Personnel Training  
            :: System Conceptual Design  
            :: Technical Support Services  
            :: Delivery / Site Installation  
            :: Start-up and System Initialization  
            :: Documentation and Technical Drawings  
            :: Pre-Delivery Simulation and Shop Testing  
            :: Automation Studies and System Specification Development  
            :: Panel Fabrication, Components Assemble and Wiring Installation  
            :: Project Management, Hardware / Software Engineering Design, Equipment Supply  
* video of onsite testing and commissioning  
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